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Our Spirit

Recently we have added another reserve location to increase our capacity for fabrication, in 45.000 m2 land at Cikampek, Jawa Barat, with roofed area of 8.800 m2, which able to fabricate 1000 tons of capacity per month.

To support the productivity, a new machinery is added from time to time as the old is no longer efficient to work with. We also keep up with the new technology in construction industry by updating our design software. We also  use sophisticated BOCAD-3D software as one of our tools to design and send a command to our CNC machine fabrication.

Hundreds of project have been resulted from responsibility in performing the best service, with the best product and the best masterpiece for the costumer. Recently, more automatical fabrication machines enrich our equipment, which means higher precision and less time for fabrication.

We are ready and able to build light steel constructions in various kinds and model of spans more than 60 m. With that size spreading without any columns, the open space can be divided in so many ways. If an economical budget is more preferable, then such wide spread around 16 m to 30 m is the most economical choice. This is proofing our flexibility to construct building as many kind as costumer needs.

Maintaining every project with honest, total service, quality oriented, and always give appropriate quotation, is well known as our ways to get close to the customers.