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Tropical country has only two seasons along the year. Thus, greater amount of productivities can be performed while other four seasons countries hold by winter. It is why foreign investors have big interest in make invesments in indonesia to maintain a valueable economical growth.

Indonesia is a country surrounded by natural habitat, scenic views and abundant natural resources. For years, it has depended on tourism and natural resources as its primary source of income. In order to enforce those both, a good building facility is considered essential tool to reach the goal.

In july 7th, 1977 PT.Jatim Bromo Steel, was first establised in Surabaya and later, through out the main cities of Indonesia. PT.Jatim Bromo Steel, is a customer oriented construction company. It’s primary goal is to fulfill the customer’s needs leading them to a complete outstanding skills and solid management system, which not only motivate us to always keep up with the new technology and the trend in our line of business but also be able to maintain stability during the South East Asia recession.

With a team of highly dedicated employees in the area of design, engineering, fabricating, marketing, custumer sevice, and administration, Jatim Bromo Steel has actively and aggressively targeted the whole nation with thousands of projects, which include industrial, tower, power plant, office, housing and projects. Over the years, Jatim Bromo Steel has served not only nationally but also world wide such as United States, Australia, Japan, Korea, and India.

Now more than 32 years of experience, PT.Jatim Bromo Steel is recognized by its professionalism in its projects and its customer’s satisfaction. We are confident to provide perfection in our future work by serving our customer’s request, in return, we are only content with the customer’s continuous satisfaction and trust.


Agus Thedy
President Director