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Fabrication Process PT. JATIM BROMO STEEL


In every project, our team of architechs and drafters held meetings to discuss, calculate, plan, make schedule and a fabcrication shop drawing is a result before


After shop drawing has been finalized, it will be delivered to workshop. Steel plates, will be cutted based on marking on floor according to steel fabrication


The marking line is used for cutting pattern. Cutting equipment as shown in left picture can cut steel plate with straight position following the marking

Plate Drilling

After plates cutted in shape, it will be send to drilling machine, maximum diametre of drilling is 50 mm, and it will make holes through the plate up to 80 mm

Plate Punching

According to the plate which has thickness range between 5 - 25 mm, can be punched using hydrolic punching machine to make holes through the steel plates. Maximum Plate dimension 775 x 1500


All prepared steel will be welded by welltrained team. Every fabrication process step must passed QC, thoroughly checked before allowed to move on the next section of fabrication

Beam Drilling

This machine is used to drill holes on beam, for example WF 100 -

Surface Preparation

Sharpening is part of the process of settlement of the steel frame. This process is intended to make the surface of the steel frame into a neat and

Sand Blasting

Starting from this section, the surface of the steel frame will be cleaned of dirt and rust. It is important to make steel Baian last longer and are free from damage and


Painting is the final process of the fabrication process. Normally the steel frame has two paint layers, the first layer is manny and the second layer is a layer with actual


We store all the materials that have been prepared and packed well before delivery to site. Good packaging can memelindungi product from


All of our fleet ready to deliver products to keep our services timely in