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Jatim Bromo Steel is a fast growing construction company, specialize insteel construction since its establishment.  Along with the rapid development in Indonesia, Jatim Bromo Steel has already completed many big projects spread over Jawa, Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Irian.

Among the industrial community, PT Jatim Bromo Steel (JBS) has grown and establised into a company which has capability of design and build, and selected as one of the pioneer company to build indonesia, refering to more than 30 years of experiences in the industry.

In terms of efficiency and cost control of fabrication, JBS produces its own line standardized products, supported by expert team who will provide the desired products at a reasonable price, without losing the quality.

The success we have achived, motivated us to follow the most advanced technology.  From time to time the utilization of Hi-Tech machineries in our workshop in Surabaya and Jakarta is to meet these challenges as well as efficiency & quality.

Supported by experiences, creativity and dedication of our expert executives, we make the best achivement that side by side pacing through development in the future.

JBS promises to put client’s satisfaction as first priority with the work well done, because JBS value what client’s invested under the roof.