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Heavy Duty_H-beam Assembling Machine ZHG 3000

Heavy Duty H-beam Production Line

The complete equipments of H beam welding line is the heavy duty production line professional produced and designed according to the requirement of home market whose characteristics is to meet the demand of different H beam productions according to customers's scale, investment amount and production efficiency.

This production welding line is used to produce the H beam that been used to fabricate the steel structure workshop. This line has the high automation and is suitable for the big scale production which can improve the production efficiency greatly. The whole line should including: 90 degrees movable overturn support, 45 degrees welding tilting support, Steel conveyor,180

degrees movable overturn support, transporting roller etc. This fine can realize the automatic production of the H beam, except the cutting and the H beam assembling and after straightening, which need the overhead crane to carry the beams. This fine has the features of high production efficiency and low labor intension.

Heavy Duty Assembling Machine

1, Easy to operate, with high automation, the assembling machine is for assembling the heavy H-beam section and variable section. This is an essential equipment in heavy H-beam production. Several manipulator arm locate the work-piece and fix it. With hydraulic, pneumatic and frequency-converting devices, the assembling machine could work automatically, efficiently and accurately; ;

2, Hydraulic control is used in locating, clamping, centralizing the web and flan; ;

3, Gas shielded arc welding, spot welding are optional, as well as manual weldin; ;

4, Minimum web height is 200mm. Maximum height could be customized. Common requirement is 3m.

Adaptable work-piece specification web flange work-piece length loading power  assembly speed thickness height thickness height
6-32mm 200-2000mm 6-40mm 200-800mm 6000-15000mm 16.6kw 0.5-6m/min