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The machine is made of the base, right and left wall plate, support structure, hydraulic pressure lifting straightening transmission system, right and left above pressing wheel adjustment structure and main machine roller. Main transmission structure is made of 11.5kW hydraulic pressure power, hydraulic pressure pump, traversing hydraulic pressure motor, column gear motor, column gear reducer, universal transmission axes, transmission to positive wheel; when it’s working ,main transmission roller is lifting through the bottom hydraulic oil-crick with the above pressure wheel straightening the distortion wing plate. The support structure is distortion with two sets. One side is operated with thread pole handle. And the other side is tightened by hydraulic pressure (not too tightening when using),making the belly plate in symmetrical position of the main transmission wheel.

Front and back hydraulic pressure roller adopts the hydraulic oil-crock action. Turning axes support lifts, after the main transmission wheel lifting, assuring the move smoothly during the straightening. Meanwhile in the input side-floating roller, it install two sets guide tighten wheel that used for support the work-piece when suspending in the roller, in case to strike the main machine when the work-piece is in and out the main machine.
1. Web height: =200 mm
2. Flange plate thickness:8~80mm  (st37),8-60mm(st52)      
3.Flange plate width: 200~800mm
4.Straightening speed: 6700mm/min
5.Pressure of hydraulic system: 18(Hydraulic motor)/16Mpa
6.Principal machine power: 11.5Kw/50Hz/6p
7.Hydraulic power: 11kW 11.Total power of machine: 30.4kW
8.Applicable temperature: 0~40°
9.Power supply: 380V 50Hz 3PH
10.Floor space: 4×30m2